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First put online in 1992, this page contains links to www resources, FTP sites and mailing lists about comics and comic books. Additional resources include comic newsgroups, subscription services, comic collecting software and a bookstore.

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Bookstore - new as of 98/02/26
Comic Subscription Service
Comic WWW Pages
Comic Creators and Commercial WWW Pages
Various Search Engines' Comic WWW Pages
Online Comic Strips
Comic Reviews and Commentary
Comic Newsgroups
Comic Mailing Lists
Comic FTP and Gopher sites
Comic Images/GIFFs/etc
Comic collecting software
Comic Buying and Selling
Reader Comments


Since so many graphic novels, comic archives, comic collections, one-shot-specials and regular comic books have begun to be available through the regular book distribution system (ie bookstores) I decided to open an online bookstore myself. If you know of any additional books that should be listed at my bookstore, please let me know.
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Comic Subscription Service

If you are interested in a comic subscription service in the Urbana-Champaign area (with shipping elsewhere else in the world) with an approximately 35% discount off Marvel/DC books and lesser discounts on other publishers and merchandisers, including gaming stuff and cards, check out G-Mart. I have been using them since the beginning of 1992 and have been very pleased. Tell Greg that I sent you.
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Pages to look at and Links to other WWW pages

Asterix and Obelix
DC Comics

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Comic Creators and Commercial WWW Pages

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Search Engines' Comic Pages

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Online Comic Strips

CartoonStock Cartoon Library
CartoonStock Cartoon Library is a "fully searchable on-line library of stock cartoons and comic illustrations. Print rights or merchandise can be purchased, or just browse the cartoons !"
Free daily cartoons for your web site - "Daily cartoons are a great way to increase repeat traffic. Get a free daily comic feature for your web site from"

Go Cartoons
Many one panel cartoons by Steve Kramer.

Strange Breed
A weekly published one panel cartoon by Steve Langille.

Nina Paley
Online versions of ninas adventures.

Mungbean Soup
Mungbean Soup (current strip) is about "a bunch of surfers and the laid back life they lead. The main character is Mungbean who is the philosophical one."

A daily published one panel cartoon by Piero Tonin & Gene Schwimmer.

Lotta Links
Christian Cosas' Comics 'n Stuff page was once the most complete source for actual comics and comic strips physically on the net, however all things must pass and that page no longer exists. Fortunately he passed on his links page to Lotta Links who seem to be maintaining it nicely. - Last checked 98/04/16

HYPE Electrazine
Various 'Toon's, sounds and computer (both Macintosh and IBM) sound utilities.

RibMan: The Site That Bites
A strip about RibMan, with lots of food jokes, carried in The Kansas City Star and The Des Moines Register. - Last checked 98/04/16

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Many can be found in the various comic related newsgroups particularly and Additionally some may to be found in various FTP sites.

There is a WWW Watchmen annotation available, with many more hypertext annotations in the works by various people.

Elayne Wechsler Chaput writes regular Pen-Elayne for your thoughts reviews on a variety of titles.
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There are many newsgroups associated with comics covering almost any type of comic style or format. If you are aware of any others not on this list, please inform me.

For the posting of fan fiction, such as stories of the Legion of Net.Heroes and the Net.Trenchcoat.Brigade. The group's charter states: This newsgroup is to be available for people who want to post comic-related fiction and discussions about them. Writers are encouraged to follow the existing continuity of the "universe" in which their stories take place. (Writers can have their stories take place in a "universe" that is entirely their own but this would mean that any "cross-overs" with other storylines would have to be considered "out of continuity".) This group is *not* intended as a place for posting stories using current characters from actual comic books as this would constitute trademark infringement.
A moderated group, r.a.c.i. is intended for factual and informational postings and reasonably detailed reviews (i.e. a review consisting entirely of "I really liked/hated Suicide Squid #666" isn't going to cut it). Relatively low volume, the idea is to have a very high signal to noise ratio in its postings. Posting to this group will result in your post being emailed to the moderator, who'll decide whether to post it to the group at large. In general, turnaround time is within 24 hours, and the moderator announces on the group if he'll not be posting for any longer period. Followup discussion of posts here take place in the appropriate r.a.c. group. Most follow ups are set to racm. The original moderator was Brian Hughes. The current moderator is "Scowling" Jim Cowling whose email address is Most follow ups are set to racm.
Devoted to the discussion of Japanese manga.
Devoted to the discussion of animated films, TV shows, shorts, etc. There are also innumerable related newsgroups to this, such as rec.arts.disney and , but in particular there is rec.arts.anime for discussion of Japanese animation.
For the posting of For Sale and Wanted posts dealing with any aspect of comics or related merchandise. Note that marketplace has its own FAQ which might be out of date..
Discussion of all comic books from around the world. If it's about comics and doesn't fit elsewhere groups, this is where to post it.
For the discussion of comic strips and editorial cartoons, their creators, and any spinoffs such as tv, movies, collections, or merchandise.
For discussion of Marvel mutant books (defined as X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, X-Force, X-Factor, Excalibur, Wolverine, X-Men 2099, Generation X, and any mini-series or stories in anthology titles about characters from those books). Note that xbooks has its own FAQ.
Best described as weird comics that you know are bad for you. Some cross-posting to r.a.c.m.
The newspaper comic-strip Dilbert - note you may need software to properly read this newsgroup. If you are local to UIUC, you can read this through a local WWW page, reading either the latest strip, or looking through the archives.
This newsgroup is devoted to the discussion of Japanese manga.
The Legion of Net.Heroes, a RAC spinoff of fan fiction
A furry comic.
Matt Howarth comics, such as Those Annoying Post Brothers and Savage Henry.
For fans of Suicide Squid , possibly the best comic book hero ever published.
The comic book Tank Girl.
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Mailing lists

The Asterix Mailing list.
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FTP and Gopher sites

There are a number of FTP and Gopher sites containing comic related information, images, software and related stuff.

Many Gopher comic sources
This Gopher site at TAMU Texas A&M University contains all sorts of stuff, and links to other sources as well.
Toronto comics FTP site
There is an FTP site with comic related information at in the /pub/comics/ directory. This FTP site has largely Cerebus and Watchmen images.

rec.arts.comics FTP site
The racm FTP site is at in the /pub/Comics/ directory. This FTP site has several megabytes of resource data, ranging from FAQ's, bibliographies, sales and release lists, TV show guides and even software programs for managing your comic books! Included herein is much information on The X-Men and others, including many annotations of comic book plot lines.

Omnicom Archives
Omnicom is an online Legion of Superheros APA in the form of a mailing list. An archive of them is kept on an FTP site at in the /usr0/vernon/omnicom/ directory.
This site at in the /pub/wald/ directory has a few annotations (Watchmen, Sandman and The Books of Magic) as well as the much loved Suicide Squid file, which is very long and may take some time to download.

This Gopher site at gopher:// has information about comics, especially the business and career side of the industry. One can finger to get more info on different ways of accessing the files via finger, FTP, Gopher, or email.

There are a variety of Cerebus related sites with pictures, interviews and animations. in the /pub/cerebus directory has various annotations and interviews. If you are interested in some animated software for both Mac and Windoze platforms, one can go down to the crazed-ferret subdirectory. This can also be found at in the /pub/multimedia/pictures/OTIS/animations directory. There is also the site in the directory /pub/cerebus which has Jerry Sweet's Cerebus Companion, a large literary work, in various formats.

This site at in the /pub/comics/disney directory has Disney comic related information.

This site at in the /pub/comics directory has X-Men related material.

This site at in the /pub/transformers directory has many Transformers related stuff. From the README file:
This directory contains various material related to Transformers. For you engineering propeller heads, these are the Transformers from the animated television series and the popular toys from the mid 1980's, and NOT the transformers used in electrical circuits.

rec.arts.comics FAQ
If you can't get to, and/or you just want the FAQ's, you can try to connect to, the directory is pub/usenet/news.answers/comics/faq. The files are:
  1. an introduction to the various comics related newsgroups
  2. a glossary of Usenet and r.a.c. terms
  3. the r.a.c. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  4. r.a.c. netiquette
  5. FTP sites with comics related files
  6. email and other net comics information resources
  7. comics mailing lists
Note that this site is often overloaded and difficult to get on to.

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Comic Images

There are many places that have comic related images, here are some of them:
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Comic Collecting Software/Databases

There are a number of software products available to help comic collectors keep track of their collections. If you know of any that I have missed, please make me aware of them.

I am particularly interested in software for some of the less well known operating systems.

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Comic Buying and Selling

There are a number of internet sites and resources devoted to buying and selling comics and comic collections.

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Sites Not Yet Indexed

The list of sites to be indexed can be expanded by your submissions.
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Reader Comments

The reader comments can be expanded by your submissions.
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