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There really is not anything here yet, except for links to photos that my parents have taken of me.

Here is my birth announcement:

From: John 'Johann' and Rachel Beda <>
Sent: Monday, June 19, 2000 4:18 PM
To: John 'Johann' and Rachel Beda
Cc: Rachel Wortis Beda
Subject: Robert Michael Beda born - 2000/06/19 

    After a very quick labour starting about 3:00 am, "Puck" came into
the world this morning at about 7:50 am. Rachel and the child are both
doing well, though Rachel is a bit woozy. Both Rachel and Johann are
stunned to be parents. 

    Robert Michael Beda born at McMaster University Hospital at 7:50
AM, Monday June 19, 2000. 9 pounds/4.1 kg 

    As of yet, there are no photos on the web, but when they are ready
they will be found at <> under the
appropriate date. 

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