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The address for this page is <>. Any other addresses may change without notice. Please bookmark and link appropriately.

If you are looking for my sons Robert and Jack web pages, they are at <>, and <>, and Rachel's is at <>. The Help Diocese of Kikwit page is at <>. Further family can be found at <> for my parent's boat and <> for my sister's film business and <> for my sister-in-law's boat.

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For those of you interested in my complete curriculum vitae, in all of its gory detail, it is available.

I have put together various web pages over the years, some more up-to-date than others. They include:

While I do not go around shouting "Mac OS Rules!" or now "Mac OS X Rules!", I do use a Macintosh computer, and even do some Macintosh consulting, and thus find some of these links of use.
Some places I visit quite often include:
I long ago got involved in a distributed effort to break a secret code and win some money from RSA and to demonstrate the limitations of current encryption technology. There are many other distributed computing efforts, such as those listed at the Mersenne page.
For web searches, I tend to use Google.
For web indexes, I tend to use Yahoo, a searchable WWW index which also has a text only version, but I haven't really used an index in the last decade....
I usually use MESA for searching for people's email address and or for phone number.

For contact information, use my universal contact link for my i-name: =j-beda.


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